Suzie on the front page of the Sunday Setninel!

imageSince my interview with Erin McIntyre, I’ve been catching up on many of the articles she’s written for the Daily Sentinel. I am a big fan of her writing and hope she someday writes a book. Maybe a novel about her chickens or maybe even a nonfiction account of life in the Grand Valley, or maybe a children’s book? She is so funny! You can read her articles here. Thanks to Erin McIntyre, Suzie was on the front page of Sunday’s paper! You can find the article and video she made about the Suzie project here! Thank you, Erin!

I want to share with you some of the raw sketches I made on grooming day and the illustration that came from the sketches. When I’m sketching in the field, I like to do very quick sketches. The drawings are very gestural, noting only how the forms occupy space. Working in this way, making lots of quick sketches rather than spending a lot of time on any one sketch in particular allows me to get a good sense of the relative scale of the figures and a more genuine note of what I find interesting about the forms.

Here is the finished grooming illustration:




And here are the sketches:


Back in the studio, I develop the forms a little futher:imageimageand here is the finished encaustic piece:



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