Growth Patterns

Growth Patterns explores the iterative design of generation and degeneration that humans, and nature for that matter, make to create growth. What works continues, but what we have outgrown, evolves. Like a simple-cell brims to the point of bursting, patterns bear until its progress requires breaking. Scriver observes and then teases the line; where, during uncertain times, it is required to bend, blend, or decay to form new inroads. Her paintings respond to where the center cannot hold, using everyday tools and materials, such as food, lasers, trowels, net and fencing to create borders and paths to intersect or break down. An idea, a simple pathway in the brain, merges with another, to create something new, maybe more organic in shape, maybe less rigid. Perhaps it follows a whole new direction.

Growth and progress require expansion, and therefore an adaptive nature. It is in this adaptation where the growth pattern can be seen, the deviation, the breaking through the old line. What is microscopic is also telescopic with a biomorphic correlation to the timeless and expansive nature of life and our planet itself.