A New Geography

Clean cut geometries of urban centers and agriculture meet cellular and geological forms in “A New Geography.” 

My work is spontaneous, experimental and materials-driven. After building up an orderly painting surface with geometric forms, maps and perspectives, I respond with action. The goal is to portray movement on the painting surface that corresponds to the physical action of mark making. My marks are made in a variety of ways: throwing objects at the painting surface, rolling tools over the canvas, broad strokes with a squeegee, and using gravity to move paint drips. I experiment with different materials to make this happen letting the paint gather around objects then scraping them off leaving behind only the paint and an impression of the object. Scale and perspective, movement and direction are captured in this way. When a painting becomes too focused, it feels static to me. I prefer the blurry edges of action. 

Working in this way creates a surface that looks like what you might find under a microscope and also what you might find in a  distant view of earth.