Suzie the Baby Yak: Back Story

imageThis is a picture of Morgan and Suzie the baby yak and here’s the back story from Morgan:

“Seth and I had Suzie for a few months when Seth’s oldest brother and his family came to visit.  Jake and Shannon’s oldest son Isaac, took an immediate interest in Suzie. He helped us bottle feed her, and he enjoyed spending time with her. When we weren’t spending time with Suzie, she was definitely on Isaacs mind. In the morning when he woke up, or in the car, or at night, Isaac would repeat “Susie the baby yak! Suzie the baby yak!, Suzie the baby yak!  Seth and I loved to see his excitement and were very touched when Suzie would choose to leave her friends to greet him. After their visit, Seth and I talked about this experience. Seth sat down and wrote the story of our little Suzie. when he read it to me, I immediately thought that other children may enjoy the story as well. When our good friend Jessica approached us with her Art in Residency project at the grand junction library, we were thrilled that she asked to use Suzie as the focus of her illustrations.”

We will be dedicating this story to our godson Isaac.”

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