Y is for Yak


Owen learned about the letter Y in his kindergarten class last week and guess what? It was all about YAKS! His teacher, Nuala Whitcomb creates all of her own material for her classroom. Check out this little ditty:


Mrs. Whitcomb’s Yak ditty.

When I told her about the project I’m working on, she remarked that there aren’t many books that help teach the letter “Y.” What do you think, are we filling a void in the children’s book market?

Here are some yak facts straight from the yak farmer Morgan Kareus:

  1. Yaks grow much slower than cattle and comparatively eat only 1/4 of what a cow eats per day.
  2. Yaks are highly appreciated because of their fleece, fatty milk, meat and dung.
  3. Their dung is used as a fuel! (I will have to ask Morgan a little more about this one…sounds interesting!)

Morgan and Seth send their yak fiber to Mike at Suncrest Orchard Alpacas for processing. (click here for more info about Suncrest Orchard)


I will end with a sketch I made on site at Morgan and Seth’s pasture today. The trees are in bloom and beautiful!


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