The Knitting Yak


Seth and Morgan gave me some fiber straight from Suzie. It is so very soft!image

Since meeting Morgan and Seth Kareus, they have acquired three yaks, four dogs, a tractor and a trailor for hauling animals. Before I met them, I had no idea why someone would have a yak, so I will share what I have learned about yaks.

Yak fiber is becoming very popular as a sustainable source for fiber and it is similar to cashmere in it’s softness and tensile strength. Yaks look a little like cows, but they have very long hair and a hump on their back. Morgan and Seth harvest the fiber from their yaks every spring. Collecting fiber from yaks is done by hand grooming, because they have a course outer layer of hair and the soft fleece is underneath, so you can’t sheer them as you would a sheep. Apparently the yaks enjoy the harvesting.

If you would like to read more about yak fiber, I found these two sites interesting:


Here are some pictures of stages of the process for “Knitting Yak” which I completed in the Artist in Residence studio at 970 West.

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